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How to Take Care of Your Action Camera?

After using it to clean it to remove the grime, sand and water that can be stuck on the surface of the action camera. This dirt can in turn damage the hardware of it. The casing component is the most viable component that can get dirty easily. Clean it with tap water and wipe it with a soft cloth that is not scratchy.

If the casing needs to be dried in time then use the hair blower at the lowest temperature to dry it. The excess water in the casing should be blown off after washing. Using of towel or other rough piece of cloth is not recommended as it can scratch the surface.

After the cleaning of casing is done, take out the lens and handle with utmost care. Even slight scratches on the lens can decrease the quality of the picture captured in the video. To clean the lens use special lens cloth or lens cleansing liquid. The use of Rain x car windshield spray and spritz and on the casing and lens to take the dirt off easily. Using this method the appearance of bubbles on the surface will be prevented when shooting underwater. The excess solution needs to be wiped off and left to dry.

The outer body can be cleaned by using a lens cleaning fluid or a lint free cloth to remove the dirt. The fluid should not be poured directly on the body or in excess. This may cause damage to the body. Use a cloth dipped in the solution and wipe the exteriors of the camera.

The bag should be cleaned regularly as done with it. Many of us think that it is not essential. But as it is stored in the bag the dirt can get into it easily. So cleaning of it is required. If the bag has particles like sand, dirt and gravels this can damage the delicate parts. So it is essential to keep the bag clean. So wipe the interiors before storing it in the bag.

The use of external covering or lamination on the body can also help to protect the action camera. This can reduce the direct contact over the body. If the user’s hands are dirty holding the camera with those can make the camera dirty. The handling of the action cameras should be done carefully. The dropping of the action camera should be avoided. The proper gripping of it with care is required for mishaps leading to breakage.

The regularly cleaned action camera can last more without faults in the functionality. The performance is maintained for a long time. This in turn extends the durability of the camera.

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