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Making Use of an Action Camera for Sports

Why Use an Action Camera?

Having an action camera with you whilst you are taking part in your favorite sports will allow you to capture all the action and share it with friends and family afterwards. There are a variety of models on the market, with the small bullet HD sets being extremely popular. These small models are easy to use and extremely light so you won’t be weighed down whilst using it. The size does not reflect the quality of the recording either; with full 1080 HD available, your videos will be as clear as your actual ride. It can be difficult to take images and videos if you take part in individual sports and those where you don’t have a free hand. It can also be dangerous and impractical to hold a video camera, but with a small action camera you can record as and when you please.

When to Use it?

You can use your camera whenever and wherever you please; whether it’s for a short bike journey to work, a day out teaching the kids to learn to ride their bikes, or perhaps a more adventurous downhill mountain bike adventure. Of course, there are other sports aside from cycling that this can be used. Sports like dirt biking, skateboarding, surfing and mountain climbing can be recorded with the help of an action camera and with so many waterproof and sturdy options available, you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged. Many sporting enthusiasts use a helmet or sports camera like this to help improve their skills. By recording from their own view, they can then see where they are going wrong, what they are doing correctly, and improve next time.

Extracting your Video from Action Camera

When you’ve captured your best moments, you’ll want to upload them onto your computer, and possibly share them over email and social networking for your friends and family to see. Before you actually start using your action camera, be sure to check if it comes with an SD card. If it doesn’t you will need to buy one, and invest in one that allows you to store plenty of video data. As well as a mains charger for your camera, it should come with a USB cable so you can easily connect it to a computer or laptop, and extract the necessary video. There’s also an app on which you can view and save it directly to your smartphones. If you struggle too much, look for the user manual and follow that! Your action camera will be up and running in no time at all!

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